I'm thrilled to share that Evernight Teen Publishing is taking on Mags's story. Contract is signed, sealed, and delivered. I look forward to sharing it with everyone!


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!
    Since I knew there was a sequel, and that it was not about Lizzy, but about one of the characters.. while reading "Cutting to the Chase" I kept wondering who would continue on...

    I just finished reading "Cutting to the Chase" OMGoodness, what a great book....It was tough to put it down, but I found moments in the day to read it. Working with teens, we never know what is really going on in their life. I saw so many stories in this book that I could relate to... school being their safe place, not wanting the holidays to come, because they would not have that safe place... the bullying... the friendships... the hiding what happens at home.... and so on... but the best was Ms. D, the science teacher who wore "awesome clothes and the best heels I've ever seen"... it even brought back a funny moment.. when a student asked her her first name, and she said Madame! I love the art teacher's depiction too =D
    While reading this book, I cried, I cringed, I laughed, I smiled... it was wonderful Rose (and editor Keev). I will be donating mine to the school, to have as a supplementary reading book for our students. I am sure they will enjoy it as much as I did.
    Can't wait for the next oneS.

  2. Marj,

    Thanks for the congrats, for dropping by, and for reading CUTTING TO THE CHASE. I truly appreciate the support!