One Starfish at a Time

My latest YA novel, Spotlight, is not remotely about me, yet has so much of me in it. It is definitely more connected to who I was, who I am, and my life experiences than my other three YA novels.

I had two teachers who made such a difference in my sense of self that I am convinced they changed the trajectory of my life. Autumn, the main character in Spotlight, is also fortunate to have one of those special educators. I had such great pleasure writing that teacher through Autumn’s lens.

Those in the educational field do not often get to see the impact they have on the future of their students. And some days it’s tough for them to believe that what they do is worth the sleepless nights. But, it is the faith that they can somehow make a difference that drives the great ones. I always thought this short adaptation, called The Starfish, captured that perfectly. The boy’s words became my mantra as a teacher and as a principal, so it’s not entirely surprising that the concept has found its way into my writing.

I look forward to you meeting Autumn and seeing her special relationship with her music teacher. Here’s to all the educators who pick up starfish every day.

Coming June 1st! Available for preorder.

The Journey Continues…

I am lightly revising/editing my favourite YA and wondering what to do with it next. 🤔 Like my others, I tackle issues, but it’s about following your passion, discovering what matters, and falling in love. It has all the feels. I’m determined to see it out in the world. Did I mention it’s my favourite YA?😉

Slowly Falling has cross-over appeal!

Couldn't put it down!

Every time I pick up a book by Rose Phillips, I can't put it down, and this one also kept me up late! I loved the pace, the instant attraction between Chloe and Derrick, and the gradual deepening of their relationship. Also that on-tenterhooks feeling of not wanting them to be pulled apart but knowing that things are going to get rocky before they get even better. 

A great read for both teens and adults!

~Amazon Review