Rose Phillips holds a BA, BEd, and an Advanced Degree in Educational Leadership. She is a certified Librarian and a Dramatic Arts Specialist. She has worked with both students and teachers to strengthen literacy skills through reading and drama, both in her job as a literacy consultant and as an instructor for York University in Toronto. She is experienced in delivering writing workshops and is adept at creating and implementing teaching packages that explore youth and youth issues through literature and drama. 

Cutting to the Chase explores self-harm. Color Me Gray digs into the concept of consent and the repercussions of not understanding the right to say "no." The content is covered realistically and honestly. As a seasoned educator, Rose has worked with adolescents for twenty years. She believes sensitive subjects should not be avoided and that difficult issues should be tackled head on.

Rose offers a broad spectrum of presentations: from a simple book talk and Q & A, to teacher training (including an educational package), to student-involved workshops. She is happy to design a talk or a program that best suits your needs. Fees are negotiable and dependent upon choice of program. 

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